About D’s Golden Delights

“Hi Dianna,
I just wanted to let you know that Bandit has been an absolutely amazing addition to our family! It’s been so much fun sharing in all kinds of adventures with him, from softball games, and swimming in creeks, to chasing him around in the snow! He’s always excited to meet anyone new, and he’s one of the best behaved dogs we’ve ever had. He’s so gentle with children, and he learns new tricks so quickly! It’s so funny to watch Bandit and his Cocker Spaniel brother, Smokey, play with each other. Thank you so much for providing us
a piece of our family! :)” -Stacy, Lucas, Sean, Smokey & Bandit
“We purchased Tugger from D’s Golden Delights about five years ago and he was instantly at home whether we were at our shore home (see him driving our pontoon boat) or in our home in Red Lion, PA where he is a KPET trained dog who visits nursing homes and stands for hours while patients pet and ogle over him.”He also enjoys riding around in our sports car taking in the fresh air. He is as laid back as any dog can be and is a wonderful companion to both my wife and me.“He loves all sorts of outside activities but is at home in our condo until friends arrive, and he wants to lick them to death. He is a great dog with a love of life and a desire to be with us at all times. However, when left alone, he is good as gold and doesn’t seem to mind the extra nap that he gets to take.“We could not be more pleased or proud of our dog, Tugger, and Diana Brooks at D’s Golden Delights is a wonderful pet breeder who really cares for her dogs and provides them with the best possible care and attention.“Believe us, you will not go wrong purchasing your Golden from Diana at D’s Golden Delights.”—Bill and Anne
Red Lion, PA 17356

Hi Dianna,

Dudley is not a lazy pup.

He graduated tops in his puppy class and is top dog in the intermediate class in which he is enrolled.

Mt. Airy, MD 21771

Dear Dianna,

Bailey is doing fantastic! Everyone in and around our neighborhood know him and love him.

Also a few people around our neighborhood thought that Bailey was so adorable that they are going to contact you and buy a golden retriever pup.

He is getting so big, we just took him to the vet the 26th and he already weighs 27 lbs ! I call him my little chub-a-lub. Delilah is like a mother to Bailey and Cody is like his father, we call them papa C, baby B, and mama D.

Lauren, Cindy, Bill, and Bailey.


“Just wanted to let you know that Sadie really enjoyed her 1st Christmas. She just love’s kids and other dogs.

“Housebroken and learned how to come, sit, stay, down before 4 months. Just a little problem with “off”. Very smart pup. Hope she grows up looking like her mother. Happy
New Year.”

—Dave & Carla

Zoe and Lola

Hey Dianna,

Zoe and Lola turn 1 year old on Aug 8. They are everything I expected. I am very happy that we found you and the pups.

Everyone in the neighborhood knows and loves them. They are a bundle of joy. I am glad I got two of them at the same time. Here are some pics of them, they are beautiful and sweet.

Thanks for the great pups,

Arlington, Va.

“Here are a few pics of Sadie. The picture with my daughter is one of our favorites. Sadie Rose was born in 2007 around Thanksgiving. We brought her home in Jan 2008.“Can’t believe she will be 4 this year. She is the best dog! In fact, do you have pups right now? My son may be looking for one for his girlfriend.“She is a great dog and we just can’t stand how cute she is. She is full of personality and a ball of fun. She is pretty obedient… doesn’t like the word come. She always gets a ton of attention from people… Thank you!!! We love her to pieces!”
Bear, DE 19701


“Here are a few pictures of Hunter (with another older female).

“He is now 4 years old, was easy to train, smart as a whip, and has the best temperament with children and all other dogs. He is obedient and a very caring dog as well.

“I have had Goldens my entire adult life and Hunter is paramount!!”


Hi Dianna,

“Sage has been a wonderful addition to our family. She loves playing outside with the goats, chickens, and my other dogs, but when she comes in she just loves to

“She’s now retired, but she was a Search and Rescue dog and she is so smart!! My daughter, Megan, is getting one of the puppies from your current litter and I am glad she is getting her from such a great breeder!”

“Thanks for bringing Sage into our life!”

Baltimore MD 21212


Hi Dianna!

“We purchased Abby from you ten years ago and we could not ask for a more amazing dog! Abby is and always will be a part of our family. And even at ten years old, she remains very active and she never lost her puppy spirit.”

“Abby is the best dog we could ever ask for and we are so pleased with your breeding services we already put down a deposit for another puppy!”

“Thank you for giving us such an amazing dog!”

Bel Air, MD 21014
10 years old,
Born January 6th, 2002

Hi Dianna,

“Its been almost a year since we got our golden, Lyric from you and I just wanted to send you some pictures of her growth and her time with us. She’s an absolute delight! She’s about 75lbs now and still thinks she’s a lap dog, but we don’t complain, we love cuddling with
her!” “She was probably the calmest golden puppy I’ve ever seen
but still had enough energy in “I would not give her up for anything! Thanks so
much for everything!”

Sarah and Steven
Severn,MD 21144

“Cowboy is the most amazing puppy (and boy does he know it!!!) He is such a stud and everywhere we go people recognize how special he is. He is a great indoor dog, but he is even better outside. Cowboy loves to go hiking and swimming.”“Our whole family has fallen in love with him. We always knew Goldens were wonderful companions, but your breed of retrievers has confirmed our love for them.”Thank you Dianna!!!

—Katy and Nick
Abingdon, MD 21009

Jeffrey “The Dude”
Hey Dianna,

“I wanted to send you an update on Jeffrey “The Dude”. Attached is the latest picture of him. He is about 15 months now and we couldn’t be happier. He is the sweetest puppy ever and so much fun, as evident by the photo :-). He has been a ton of energy and loves to play around.”

“We just went to the vet and they said he is a the poster puppy for Golden Retrievers.”

“We can’t thank you enough for letting us have him. He really has made our lives wonderful.”

Thank you,

-Alyson, Thomas and The Dude
Luarel MD 20724

Abby and Kali
Hi Dianna,“We are amazed at Kali’s intelligence and how well she has adapted to our family. At 10 weeks old she sits for her food, goes to the door when she needs to pee and poop, walks on a leash fairly well, gives you her paw and torments Abby mercilessly (but only when a human is around to hide behind!).”“Her favorite sleeping position in her crate is on her back, in front of the fan. Outside of the crate, she sleeps on top of the air conditioning vent. Smart girl! I think I’d like to install a vent for me to sleep on too these days!!”

“Thank you so much for once again letting us choose a perfect puppy! Kali is absolutely beautiful and we are just thrilled to pieces to have her as part of our family.”

-John & Terese
Bel Air MD 21014

Hello Dianna,

“In September 2011 we received a puppy from your July 2011 litter. His name is Finn and he is turning into a wonderful dog! I have attached a couple of pictures of him.”

“We can’t believe he will be a year old next month. He gets so many compliments about what a “handsome fellow” he is and he has become a great member of the family, as well as a best friend.

“He is also a “star” at dog day care and has a core group of best buddies that he runs with. :-)”

-Margaret and Brian
Edgewood, MD 21040

Good Evening Dianna,

“Little George is quite the jolly soul and has acquired a vast array of interests at such a young age. George loves playing with toys, sleeping on the bathroom tile, taking long naps, sniffing other dogs, rolling in the grass, and receiving compliments from people about how cute he is while they pet him.”

“George is growing up so quickly and he is well on his way to becoming a full size Golden! For now he remains a toddler though and he gives us all of his love every day. We couldn’t
be more satisfied with our experience dealing with a breeder of your caliber and we thank you very much for providing the the most precious gem in our lives.”
“I hope you continue to bring joy to the many others out there looking to adopt a pure bred Golden Retriever of high standard.
-Michael and Laura
Baltimore,MD 21234

Shelby Skylite Fantasy

“Thought I would send you a picture of Shelby at 6 months old today! She is a pure delight and wonderful dog! She became real ornery and active! (Like her sister!) We’ve chatted and she wants to be with me

“She is turning out to be a real strong dog! Her legs and neck are stronger then ever! I told her she is like her dad! She’s got great stance and everyone loves her!”

“Thank you so much for your wonderful breeding! I get asked a lot about where I got her from and I am very proud to tell them where!”

“Hope this finds you and your family well and Shelby says Hi!”

Smyrna , Delaware 19977

“Just wanted to send an update on just how much we are in LOVE with this little guy!”

“My in-laws are taking him next week while we go on vacation and I don’t even know how I can bear to leave him! We settled on the name “Ngata” after Ravens player #92 Heloti Ngata. Our little Ngata is getting along fantastic with our older 2 goldens and our children. He is developing quite a nice personality, and is so much fun!”

“He is by far the smartest puppy we have ever had and he is our 5th Golden Retriever puppy over the last almost 14 years, and our second puppy from you. He is doing great with house training and leash training (as long as he is in a harness) We just love him to pieces!”

“He was 10 weeks this past Tuesday and is a whopping 16 pounds! “

Ellicott City, MD 21043

Hi Dianna,

-Thought I’d drop you a quick line to let you know how our Golden Puppy “Echo” (born Feb 18th 2018) is doing. She is a true Golden Delight when she is not a mud covered monster…… She is very friendly, loves people, other dogs and our cat. She makes a bee-line for water for any kind, mud, and preferably mud and water combined! Just like the Retriever I grew up with. Training is coming along very well and my son Ryan, who you met, is doing a good job with her. He will be taking her to classes soon. She has done a lot of growing and is a wonderful addition to the family. We get a lot of compliments on her and regularly get asked where we got her from. We are having construction at the house currently and she doesn’t mind the noise in the slightest. Just wants belly rubs from all the construction guys.
Hope your Summer is going well.

All the best,
Jacqui, Greg, Ryan and Echo Hill

Kristin Palmer

Beau is an awesome dog that we adopted from Diana in October of 2016. He is very polite and handsome. We are so in love with him that we are getting him a little sister this fall or winter!!!!
Beau is an awesome dog that we adopted from Diana in October of 2016. He is very polite and handsome. We are so in love with him that we are getting him a little sister this fall or winter!!!!

Mandy Pokoiski

We had the most wonderful experience with Dianna & her husband buying our first puppy! They made it so perfect for us by sending pictures & allowing us to visit so many times during the process! We absolutely adore our little Sadie girl and can not thank them enough for everything they did for us! We will continue to refer our friends & family to them!!
We had the most wonderful experience with Dianna & her husband buying our first puppy! They made it so perfect for us by sending pictures & allowing us to visit so many times during the process! We absolutely adore our little Sadie girl and can not thank them enough for everything they did for us! We will continue to refer our friends & family to them!!

A portion of the proceeds from each puppy purchased is donated to THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER FOUNDATION  (www.GoldenRetrieverFoundation.org) to fund and promote the Golden Retriever breed; research diseases, genetic defects and ailments of the breed; and to foster and promote the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of displaced Golden Retrievers.  

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