Golden Retriever Puppies Maryland
Golden Retriever Puppies Maryland

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Golden Retriever Puppies Maryland
Golden Retriever Puppies Maryland
A portion of the proceeds from each puppy purchased is donated to THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER FOUNDATION  ( to fund and promote the Golden Retriever breed; research diseases, genetic defects and ailments of the breed; and to foster and promote the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of displaced Golden Retrievers.  

A Golden Retriever Can Have a Positive Affect Your Health

Golden Retriever owners enjoy plenty of health benefits from living with their furry friends. On the other hand, there are some less positive issues to keep in mind, like allergies and infections. Protect yourself and your family with these tips. Maximizing the Health Advantages of Golden Retriever Ownership…


1. Reduce stress. Petting a Golden Retriever tends to lower your blood pressure and decrease the levels of stress hormones in your bloodstream. That lowers your risk for many conditions, including inflammation and heart disease.


2. Exercise daily. If you have trouble finding the motivation to go to a gym regularly, dogs will help you stay active. You may look forward to your morning walks as much as they do.


3. Lift your spirits. Interacting with a friendly Golden Retriever dramatically increases natural substances in your body like oxytocin that helps you to feel good. Unconditional love can be difficult to find, but your dog has loads to share.


4. Socialize more. A Golden Retriever can also help you to connect with your own species. Your neighbors will start asking you how old your Golden Retriever puppy is. You automatically have something in common with other Golden Retriever fans.

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